contact me

If for reasons unknown to me, that you stumbled upon my blog and you think you must contact me to put me in my place over some uncalled for comments in my blog, my email address is available here.

This is a web based email that I check once in ten million years when I find out from MSN messenger that it is groaning from all those trash emails.

So, if you think I am a potential customer for quack penis enhancing cure, let me tell you this: I don’t have the organ in question that is so desperately in need of enhancement.

If you think I need breast boosting stuff, your thought is on the wrong track. I am perfectly happy with the biology member in question.

Oh yah, while I am still at it, neither do I need any porn to spice up my life. My life is spicy enough as it is, with lots of peppers, chilli, curries and all. Thank you.

And although I am not darn filthy rich, I don’t need the extra cash from some corrupted or war-embittered country in heaven-knows-where…. That astronomical sum of money should stay in the country as rebuilding funds. So you can forget about having me sending money over to your bank account for administration charges.

Other than all the above-mentioned, yes U can contact me.