blast from past: my ideals ~ 回忆: 我的观念

I have a dream.
Write it down, it’s a goal.
Pursue it, it’s a target.
Achieve it, it’s an accomplishment.
Leave it, it’s just a wish.

this was my tagline for my now-dead first blog. i fashioned it out of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous speech * when i was about 22 years old and had just resigned from my very first job after i had graduated from Polytechnic. i still remember i was on the bus, on my way to work on the very last day. feeling lost, i seeked solace in these few lines.

all these years later, i still believed in it. yes, i still have goals.

[update: as long as you dun give up, you would suceed one day.]

* Significance of the line explained here


这是我第一个博客的附语。我是在22岁时从黑人领袖马丁.路德.金博士的著名演讲词* 中的到灵感而写的。当时是我从毕业后的第一份工作辞职后的最后一天。我还记得当时候我是正在巴士上而写的,很迷惑的时候。



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2 Responses to blast from past: my ideals ~ 回忆: 我的观念

  1. Geraldine says:

    *猛点头* 双手双脚赞同! :) 尝试过虽然会错,但是更接近成果。

  2. YL says:

    哈哈哈!!! 欢迎Andrew太太!!;) 自己走过的路,回头看时会觉得它更美丽。

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