on-campus music ~ 校园音乐

i went to an on-campus recital just now. as much as i hate to say this, but i think its pathetic. not that the performer is bad but the audience is bad. i have gone to concerts and performances in Singapore. sometimes, the antics of Singapore audiences embarasses me. they include:

  • Bringing in children way too young and feeding the children with wrong information
    i am not anti-family outing. but i do believe that there is a suitable time and place to do some activities. some of the standard concert repertoire is a tad too drying for young children’s minds. imagine bringing a child to catch a performance with the dark themes and sounds of Shostakovich that depict fear, oppression and conflict of loyalties. and you expect the child to sit down quietly to ponder over how oppressed shostakovich is?? do the child need to write up a thesis after the concert outing???

    some parents, would proceed to enlighten their little ones on what in the world is going on. during the performance. with their less-than-capable understanding. i am not being snobbish here, but if a parent wants to enlighten his/her child, one must make sure that the information you are passing on is accurate information.

    once, i sat through a Singapore National Youth Orchestra performance. programme includes a Mozart piece for the first half and Prokofiev’sPeter and the Wolf“. this is a piece that suits young children a lot and serves well in introducing some of the instruments and instrument’s nature/capabilities to children. however, momsy came to the concert late, entering the concert hall only after the first movement of Mozart. and when she settled down with toddler, she had to give a short explanation to youngster what’s going on right? so, everytime the violins play a part, momsy go,”oh, listen. here’s peter.” whenever the flutes trilled, she went,”and here’s the bird…” yes, during the MOZART performance.

    after the end of the movement, i couldnt stand it anymore and leaned towards momsy,”sorry ma’am. we are currently still on the Mozart. the orchestra would be moving to the third movement soon, which is this one *points out to her on the programme sheet*. Peter and the Wolf comes after the intermission.” *lights going off* “oh… i see!! ok, dear… just now, what mummy said is wrong… we are now listening to Mozart… so no Wolf, no Peter. no hunters. they come later, ok??” kiddie blurz. i never got around to finding out why momsy never realised there is no timpani and bass drum in the performance. there’s no hunters in Peter and the Wolf!!

    for interested parents, there are always the children’s concerts where children have their questions about music answered and not given dirty looks for making noise. this guarantes a more auspicious start to little ones’ music career.

  • Being fashionably late
    there are times to be fashionably late. being late for a classical concert is not fashionable. being late for a classical concert and making a lot of noise trying to find your seats is irritating. and may i suggest that if you are late coz you are wearing heels which slows you down, perhaps ballerina flats would be a good substitution?? you can change your look from high-and-mighty beauty to cutsy-next-door-little-girl beauty! and alongside with it, you could stop irritating the whole concert hall with your click-clocky heels on the concert parquet floor.
  • Making unnecessary noises and failing to realise that with the state-of-the-art concert hall, all sounds, including a whisper, gets resonance in the surrounding area??

    yes, from a F10 seat, i could make out wat you are talking about in seats A1 and A2 if i want to. even if i couldnt really make out every single word, the mumblings, although not as distracting as a coca cola filled thermos flask popping and flying through the cinema theatre, are still distracting people from the music, especially if the music passage is marked “pp, dolce

  • not switching all your electronic mobile gadgets to slience mode.
    yes, you remembered the personal mobile phone. but what about the office mobilephone?? and the second line and mobilephone that you had signed on coz it gives you free incoming?? and that latest-off-the-shelves mobilephone that you just got to buy?? and why are you light-signalling with your PDA backlight?? if you are really that busy that you have to work with your PDA when you are in the midst of the performance, then may i suggest that you should get your job done before you go for any recreational activities??
  • clapping at the wrong moment
    this seemed like an angel besides the others.
  • and the list goes on…
  • its not what you wear, how you doll yourself up but how you behave matters too!


  • 把幼儿带进场内与给予幼儿错误讯息。


    有一次,我去听新加坡青年交响乐团的表演。曲目包括前半段摸扎特,而后半段是普罗柯菲耶夫《彼得与狼》. 这是很适合儿童欣赏的曲目,能让儿童对个乐器有所了解与认识。可惜这位妈妈因为迟到了而只能在摸扎特的第二段入场。当她坐下后,就开始给孩子讲解。每当小提琴演奏时,她就告诉孩子:“你听。这就是代表彼得” 当长笛有演奏段落时,她就会“解释”:“这就代表小鸟。” 对,以普罗柯菲耶夫的音乐道理来解释摸扎特。

    音乐到了一个段落。我控制不住了,对那位可爱的妈妈说:“对不起,太太。但是我们现在还在听摸扎特的作品。《彼得与狼》是等乎儿的曲目。”*恍然大悟* “啊!原来如此!好,宝贝,妈妈刚才说错了。现在正在听摸扎特。没有狼、没有彼得、没有猎人的。他们等乎儿才来。。。”幼儿一脸迷惑。我从不了解为什么妈妈没发现曲目里没有“猎人”!!


  • 迟到
  • 发出噪音。


  • 没把全部会发出噪音的电子仪器关直震动。
  • 在错误的时间鼓掌
  • 其他
  • 有时候,人们在乎得不是你的穿着打扮而是你的行为。

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    2 Responses to on-campus music ~ 校园音乐

    1. mel says:

      Your account of the mom and child really cracks me up. I hope this won’t happen to me after listening to 6 years of Peter and the wolf with my girl! LOL. Oh, and children below 6 are barred from SSO concerts, if I’m not wrong. Anyway, I do share some of your thoughts, even though I commit some of the sins myself.

    2. YL says:

      kekeke… i was laughing at the expense of the poor momsy too… quite mean… she was just trying to expose the horizons of her little one… but then… imagine a Peter appearing in Mozart…… HAHAHAhahahahahahahahaha….

      but then again, although Singapore is slowly realising, i just feel that Singapore is still pretty family unfriendly. even though i am not a parent, sometimes i cant help but to sympathise when children starts acting up in the a family unfriendly place and the parents are subjected to the unfriendly looks…


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