enough said on this topic. from the definitions of a blog/blogger/blog bitch/blog jerk/blog princess/ and of course, the age old question: what is a blog to you?

well, ask anyone this question and the answers range from “oh its a personal records that i can better organise/edit from the web” to “my friend have, so i also want” to “I WANT PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO ME!!!” Contents of the blog, too varies from the mundane “how i eat, how i sleep, how i shit” type of record to “my friend did this, my friend did that, i am so angry with my friend and she should apologise for her sins” rantings to “i think i am very talented. read my blog you fools!” to “a lot of people think i am talented. what the heck. i just do whatever i like.”

i think blogs are brilliant medium of connection. of course, there would be detractors who argued that personalities behind the computer could be (and some said most probably is) less than the witty brilliant personality projected on blog. quite true from my personal standpoint. when i talk to people over the phone, somehow they tend to imagine me as a pixie-faced, small sized cheeky type of gal. and when they actually got around to seeing me, they are usually surprised. tsk! tsk! stereotypes!! but then again, that brilliant witty remark could come from two days of contispation, which is followed by three days of ermmm frequent and watery or loose bowel movements. however, over the blog, it sounds like an on-the-spur, witty remark.

i think many bloggers in Singapore tends to fall into the “trap” of appearing smart, witty, brilliant. for this, i blame mr brown, mr miyagi , tomorrow and free network statistics counters. hands up if anyone didnt understand the meaning of being browned*? and with the establishment of and mr miyagi as a columnist in the mainstream (yes, this is the mainstream, the Singapore River of Singapore, not a longkang somewhere in Ubi…), we have two more new terms in the English Language, tomorrowed and miyagied.

as in schools, we have a “clique” of people who always appears to be the most happening, most beautiful, hippiest, richest – the have-alls. and this is very very exclusive, so no use sending in your application forms 10 million times. it wont work. it has to be either inborn or cultivated. tons of hard work ya?? i would never understand this phenomenon. most of us hate to be marked by teachers. yet most of us clamoured to be marked by peers as beautiful, hip, etc, basically a have-all.

likewise in the land of blogging, many Singapore bloggers craved (admit it, you bloggers!!) to be browned, tomorrowed and miyagied. it is like a stamp of approval. in real life, it would be akin to receiving the National Day awards from the president. in doing so, everyone strive to be the most outrageous, witty, Singlish, brilliant blogger. with it, came: “wat the heow…”, ingterneck, gahmen, dowan. true, some of these ermmmm terminologies have been used in mainstream media for some time. but its just a dash of salt and pepper to favour the text. to have most of your online reading materials cooked with salt and pepper as the only ingredients is either going to give you a literature stroke, heart attack and sneezing spells all rolled in one. Arghhhhhh…….

n being featured and hyperlinked in an entry by mr brown
adj the process of having internet users visit your website/blog after being featured in an entry by mr brown. usually leads to your site exploding metaphorically and at times quite literally. can also result in side effects that manifest in the physical world such as the proverbial knock on the door late one night, tea parties but also increased attractiveness to members of the opposite sex and a libido to help.

definition by a CertifiedTM Universally Lecherer via mr brown of course.

no chinese available.

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