the morning-after ~ “那天”过后

sunday. mom made some green bean soup. sunday night. for some perculiar* reasons, some green bean soup remains. mom does her usual food recycling.


old school Yummy!!!
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green bean soup became green bean ice cubes. brilliant mom! for the records, mom’s recycled food rates even better than freshies… i wonder why. her leftover-rice-turned-fried-rice usually sells out. her fried-noodles-turned-hor-fun-noodles too. and the list goes on.

this is one of the reasons why i love Singapore. coz my mom is a pa-si-buei-zao Singaporean!

* perculiar coz mom’s desserts seldom survive more than 24 hours since birth cooked.

星期天。妈妈煮了绿豆汤。星期天。绿豆汤居然还有剩余。妈妈的甜品是不会活过24小时的! 妈妈一贯地把食物“再循环”。


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绿豆汤变成了绿豆冰!聪明的妈妈! 不知道为什么,妈妈的再循环食物似乎永远比新鲜食物来的手欢迎。白饭变炒饭。炒面变河粉。


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