GSS = Great Singapore inSanity ~ 新加坡大热买

“ok ok!! get in line please, everyone… let us take a group photo!!”

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first row(L to R): revision assesments books (8 pieces)
second row (L to R): 3 gramophone CDs
third row (L to R): 5 Chinese books
forth row (L to R): 1 pack foolscape paper, 4 art books
fifth row (L to R): 3 bags, 8 books, postcards
sixth row (L to R): 4 tops, 3 jeans
background (L to R): my smelly greenish blue blanket, bolster
absent from picture: one bluish green top, one black jeans, two books.

i hereby declare June-July is the most financial damaging period of the year. not only is the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) ongoing, there are a lot of warehouse sales going on as well! well, for those who thought GSS is about clothes are sadly mistaken. GSS is also the season for books, music and others.

since today is the last day of the insanity, i supposed it is also a good day for tallying up the total damage.

clothes: S$327.oo (clothes)
books: S$ 59.27 (assessment books – 10% OFF) + S$115.1o (kinokuniya purchases – with 20% OFF coupons) + S$58.8o (art books from warehouse sale – 50% OFF!!) + S$19.6o (popular book purchase – 0% off… Hrmph!!) = S$ 252.77
music: S$ 40.oo (gramophone sale – 3 for S$10)

total: *GRASP* S$ 619.77!!

but considering the fact that i had not bought any new clothes since 1.5 years ago (yeah, i am a tomboy geek who can survive on 3 tops and 2 jeans for 1.5 years, okk!!), i had not bought CDs since 6 months ago, i managed to somewhat breathe again. considering the fact that my wardrobe now consist of 5 tops and 5 jeans, i still need new clothes… or rather, more new tops. not looking to building a walk-in wardrobe but compared to the females who had around hundred pieces of tops only, mine’s just a little splurge, right? you can tell i am comforting myself right?? and i havent got to footwear!! :'( mom’s somewhat happy that i am starting to pay more attention to appearences, spending on clothing and stuff, rather than wearing those three tops once they have been washed.

going to the Gramercy music sale sometimes in aug/sept. must save up for my old-maid’s home. then images of financially strapped families with a sick dad, a housewifey mom, a big bunch of kiddies waiting to go to school came up. this is followed by images of undernourished children in some improvished countries. i seriously regretted calculating. dammit, ignorance is bliss… sometimes!!


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第一排 (左直右): 课外复习簿 (8 本)
第二排 (左直右): 3 张 CDs
第三排 (左直右): 5 本中文书籍
第四排 (左直右): 1 包笔记本 、4 艺术画册
第五排 (左直右): 3 个包包、8 本英文书籍, 明信片
第六排 (左直右): 4 上衣、3 牛仔裤
背景排 (左直右): 发臭的被、抱枕
缺席: 一碧蓝色上衣、一黑色牛仔裤、两本书籍

我再次声明六月直七月是全年经济最具杀伤力的月份。除了有新加坡大热卖(GSS) 还有一大堆的货仓大减价!如果有人认为GSS只是关于衣服,那他们错了!GSS 也是买书籍、音乐、与其他东西的好时机!


衣服: S$327.oo
书籍: S$ 59.27 (复习书籍 – 10% 减价) + S$115.1o ( 纪伊国屋书店- 20% 减价) + S$58.8o (艺术画册 – 50% 减价!!) + S$19.6o (大众书记 – 0% off… 哏!!) = S$ 252.77
音乐: S$ 40.oo (清仓大减价- 3 for S$10)

总数: *哦* S$ 619.77!!

不过想想自己一年半没买新衣,六个月没买 CDs, 那窒息的感觉平负了一点。现在的衣柜拥有5件上衣与5件牛仔裤,我还需要新衣服。。。或者上衣。我不是想建一走入式衣柜,但是与一些拥有上百件上衣的女子相比,我的花费是小巫见大巫吧!你看得出我是在自我安慰,对吗?而我还没有提到鞋子。:'( 妈妈是有点安慰,我终于对自己的外表有所行动了,不在穿那三件上衣了。


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