National Library Opening ~ 国家图书馆

i shot this on 17 July 2005. those are not national day’s commando performing. they are cleaners. these days, you need the brains, brawns and courage to be a cleaner. soon such creme de la creme of cleaners shall have their own motto: For cleaness and money. they could even have their own commandoCleaner Emblem such as the Winged mop. they would also have the stiletto broom with the commando cleaner symbol struck on it to denote the elite status. cool right?!?! now parents cannot say,”you dont study hard. next time go and be a cleaner!” so, dont look down on cleaners. please greet them “good morning” and say “thank you” when they help to clear your wastepaper basket of paper, crushed in frustration.

sprucing up in progress at National Library
Originally uploaded by yl.

footnote: yl would like to wish the National Library happy opening and have properous business.


Originally uploaded by yl.


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2 Responses to National Library Opening ~ 国家图书馆

  1. andrew says:

    whatever a person’s station in life, there’s always dignity in an honest day’s work. these are the people without whom the nation’s gleaming high-rise and clean streets would not exist…

  2. yl says:

    hopefully more people are thinking your way. i cant help but to observe the negative side of things. who bothers to thank the old lady who comes around their workdesk to clear their trashbins?? who had smiled in appreciation to the cleaning lady in the toilet? they are the invisible little elves in our lives that everyone forgets.

    all the best!!


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