a temper ~ 脾气

“i love young women who are angry. but if you don’t transcend that, you become a very disturbed 40-year-old.”

– Singer Tori Amos, 41

i threw a temper the day before over some domestic issues and stalked out of the flat to simmer down. this is the first time i stalked out of the flate in anger. Yesterday, mom said,

“you should learn to rein in your temper.”

i kept quiet. but i cant help but to think of all those murder cases where a quiet and sweet tempered person went bersek and start chopping up people. I would rather throw a temper once in a while to get it out of my system rather than keeping it inside me till i couldnt take it anymore and start hacking up people. I would rather be known as a bad-tempered person than a sweet tempered human who suddenly hacked up a person.


– 歌手Tori Amos, 41



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3 Responses to a temper ~ 脾气

  1. mel says:

    Agree that you should let it out of your system. Pent-up anger is bad for health :)

  2. YL says:

    kekeke… thanks!

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