Confidence ~ 自信

I realised that when one is feeling a loss of confidence, one would try all ways and means to find some pick-me-up. From the buying of mindless toys to extensive retail therapy for beauty/wardrobe replenishments. Latest on the list is faithfully reading the astrology (both Chinese and Western) horoscope for the good signs. All in the name of making one feel better and stave off the anxiety and sense of inadequency.

Relax, YL. Everyone goes through the same period of facing the unknown and loss of life direction. In fact, there is a term coined for it: quarter-life crisis.



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3 Responses to Confidence ~ 自信

  1. Just a little hiccup, dearie.

    But isn’t having cash in the bank better than owning another stuffed toy?

  2. YL says:

    yeah… its is not a logic move… neither do i understand the theory behind it… :D

  3. Quarterlife-crisis. hahahaha

    That is so cute. But I know it is true. I been there done that. Hope you pass through it quickly.

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