Little woman ~ 小女人心理

Clutching a bag of potato chips, I offered it to THE auntie.

Auntie: I don’t want.
Me: Aiyah, eat lah… I have already opened it.
Auntie: Keep it in the fridge lorh… It will still be crunchy one.
Me: If I put it in the fridge, I will go and open the fridge to take it out to eat mah… If I put it in your stomach, I cannot open your stomach to eat it… :P


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4 Responses to Little woman ~ 小女人心理

  1. A case of “who eats first wins”? Hahaha…

  2. Wow! There’s some logic you don’t find in any diet book. lol

  3. YL says:

    deliciouscharsiew: hehehe… i have already won that race… :P
    simple american: YAY!!!! btw, it seems like i was not able to visit your website?!?!?! :|

  4. Sorry. I did not pay my webhost and they took me down. :( Whoops. I correct my boo boo and am back. :)

    Not hiding from you. ;)

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