Joy ~ 快乐

I do not consider myself to be someone who buys funny, rather impractical, oh-so-cute stuff that do not have a particular meaning.

However, the feeling of being beaten can be so powerful that it could totally reverse the personality of a person. Today, I bought myself a mindless bear named Joy and a hand with a silly grin. All because I saw it and laughed. A genuine laugh. Not one that I had to give just for appearances’ sake. Cute stuff, isn’t it??

Btw, the “hand” could be ermmmmm contorted to form all kinds of signs, eg, the V-sign, the ermmm third finger, etc. I just like that silly grin. Let me indulge for a while, ok?? Oh, and I went clothes shopping. The auntie was smacking her forehead when I merrily told her that I bought four pieces of new tops of the same pattern but in different colours.

Did I tell you that I am a boring dresser???

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Comfort Food
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13 Responses to Joy ~ 快乐

  1. Ivy says:

    not sure why u are feeling so blue but just hope that it will blow over soon for you. SMILE!

  2. mrs budak says:


  3. YL says:

    thanks a lot… :D

  4. fannie says:

    hmm…what happened? Your recent posts not very cheery wor…Hey, things that are lousy will get better as long as you believe they will! :) Cheer up!

  5. YL says:

    mrs budak:在资金不足的情况下,就会感觉到自己好想很奢侈。。。
    Fannie: yeah… things werent going as well as i wish they would…

  6. mrs budak says:


  7. You are absolutely normal. Sometimes you need to spend alittle silly money on silly things that make you laugh. Just don’t run into credit card debt – that would be living on the “other side”. Yo.

  8. YL says:


  9. YL says:

    deliciouscharsiew: hehehe… no credit card… dun dare to apply, given the way i spent!!

  10. Eileen says:

    Hey girl,am sure things will get brighter! :) Keep your spirit up and think of happy things…Cheer up! :)

  11. Huh?

    Show us the toys but not the clothes. Chez…

    The toys are cute. Hope they keep a smile on your face.

  12. zara's mama says:

    I can’t see what Joy looks like though.. the photo didn’t load properly.. but I guess it must be nice.

  13. YL says:

    Eileen: yeah… trying to hide away in a corner to laugh as much as possible. The laughter might be rather fake at first. but after a while, it does perk me up… just that that made my mum a little worried… :P
    simple american: the clothes are nothing much… they are just simple tops…
    zara’s mama: it didnt load well??? think something went wrong with my server… i also didnt managed to catch a good look at it just now…

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