food wastage ~ 暴敛殄天物

The little girl took a piece of the (branded) cookie and starts licking the jam on top of the cookie before dumping the cookie into the wastepaper basket. I can’t help but to ask her why did she do that? She answered nonchalantly, “Because I only like the jam on top.”

“But you are wasting the whole cookie!! There are people who had to go without food and you are wasting food??” I countered.

“So??”she replied, remaining nonchalant.

I sighed and moved on.



“那又怎么样??” 她仍然不经意地回答。


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5 Responses to food wastage ~ 暴敛殄天物

  1. Hahahaha… today I said “暴敛天物” at work and nobody knew what it meant! OMG! What’s happening to the Chinese proficiency levels of our youths today?

    Anyway, I’m having the same problem at home. After G licks off the chocolate frosting from the cake, I eat the sponge sections. She leaves the “left overs” on the plate nicely for me, I don’t have to stick my hand into the dustbin for them…

  2. YL says:

    wah… I just feel that the youths today are merely taught the basic survival conversational chinese but not the interesting part with all double meanings and puns. But then, who am I to complain??? I used to flunk those Chinese until I discovered 金庸and all.
    hehehe… Your G is darn cute lah… At least she leaves them nicely on the plate. This little girl simply dump them in the rubbish bin… :S

  3. Too bad you cannot slap her and move on.

  4. KillerApp says:


  5. YL says:

    simple american: yeah… as much as i would like to… :P

    KillerApp: 谢谢!!你说的是!!

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