sad snippets

“If they have no bread, then let them eat cake!”

Maria Theresa of Spain (in French: Marie Thérèse) (September 10, 1638 – July 30, 1683), queen consort of France as wife of Louis XIV of France, during a bread shortage.

“For a person who runs a big million-dollar charitable organisation, with a few hundred million in reserves, $600,000 a year is peanuts.”

Ms Tan Choo Leng (Mrs Goh Chok Tong), 13 July 2005, when asked if, during a economy downturn where university graduates couldn’t find jobs and retrenchment exercises are no longer big news they once were anymore, a paycheck of $600,000-a-year with a very generous set of perks is excessive. i wonder what is the difference between a million-dollar charitable organisation and a million-dollar cut-throat corporation. and where did the fertilizers for the peanuts come from?

She asked: ‘What’s SPH to gain out of this?’

‘NKF is doing a very good job helping the sick.

‘Who benefits (from this lawsuit)? What’s the purpose of it?’

– source:, 14 July 2005.

my take: what’s SPH to gain out of this?
-> well, they are a newspaper. they write a commentary. they got sued. they are passive in the whole issue. who is the one to take the intiative to blithely send out lawyer’s letters? perhaps their blow-by-blow reporting style was less than gentlemanly. but neither was TT Durai’s paycheck and actions packed with integrity.

NKF is doing a very good job helping the sick.
-> yes, NKF might have done some good in helping the sick. but they are doing a much much better job of showcasing wat a good job they had done out of helping the sick. there are other silent heros in other causes. humans have more than just a pair of kidneys.

Who benefits (from this lawsuit)?
-> the public. they now know very clearly where their money is going to.

What’s the purpose of it?
-> to ensure that money goes to where they are supposed to go to. not $990 taps. not a fleet of fancy cars when ambulances and car rentals are more cost effective. not bandit CEOs.

“Please don’t stop donating. Just think of me and donate.”

– Miss Rahamah Shariff, NKF patient, 13 July 2005, when told that people were cancelling their donations. Miss Shariff, i did think of you. but i was also reminded of a multi-million reserves sitting in the bank, under-untilised. you had reserves to fall back on. there are other charities i could donate to who are in the RED. they operate in a more cost effective environment than NKF but they are in the red whereas you had RESERVES. time to stop being whiny coz you are a kidney patient. there are other unfortunate people who needs my donation.

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4 Responses to sad snippets

  1. Fannie says:

    Well written YL! I’m for you!

    $600k is peanuts to here cos how much is her ah lao earning? If today, she is living in a four room flat, looking after grandkids and scrimping on the cents and dollars, $6K would mean so much!

    What has SPH gotta gain from this? It is NKFS who decided to sue SPH right? They are the ones washing their own linens in the public right? Why balme SPH? They are the media and the publish FACTS for the public!

    Those rich and famous just can’t empathise with the situation of the medium and low income citizens. How I wish I draw that $600K paycheck, can send afford to give my parents a life that many would envy!

    Frankly, I have stopped donating to NKFS years back because on of my previous job make me realise that it wasn’t really worth my donation. I can make my dollars and cents more worthwhile if I spend them more wisely. Not that the patients doesn’t need help, but once again, we are not donating to the CEO for doing a (so-call) good job!

  2. YL says:

    haha… thanks! it was just some thoughts i have to get off my chest. frankly, i am also thinking of how i could have utilised tat sum of money… no choice, 同人不同命…

  3. amithyst says:

    that’s a lot of peanuts lor! imagine how many plates of chicken rice i can eat if it’s $2 per plate!


  4. YL says:

    i spotted chicken rice going for $1.80 too!

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