year ender ~ 年终总结

for your information, that blue blue image below is a graph of my blogging frequency over the times since passingsights came into existence. for the records, 646 nonsensical posts have been written although only 642 posts passed your sights coz the other 4 are protected posts.

this blog is started as a creative outlet, a silent scream for me to shout out my ideas, ideas i would have, in real life, swallowed back into my enormous stomach, expanding my evergrowing, never-shrinking waistline. through this blog, i have made both friends and enemies. all have contributed to my *ahem ahem* mental maturing process and i thank all of you for it, people who have at one point or another, made me see things in another perspective and kept me sane. thank you and please, for the upcoming year, continue to kick me in the rear end to remind me to behave myself. thanks!

and before i get too weepy and emotional over the ending year, let me recount the goodness of the much decorated (with his whole left hand and forearm in cast and bandaged up, no less!!) uncle at home. the uncle had his usual medical appointment on 3 jan 2007 and due to his recent Christmas surprise for us all, he has another follow-up appointment for his decorated and accessorized left hand on 5 jan 2007.

during lunch today, i thought: “eh… the two appointments are just less than 48 hours apart, why not just combine them together on one day??” and so i voiced the question up. so, what is the uncle’s reply???

“aiyah, dun want lah… give the hospital people more work to reschedule… never mind lah, i go twice lorh…” sometimes, i think that the uncle and auntie are just two too-nice people. they spent almost their entire lives being nice to people!! when they are young, coming from not too well-off family, they have to play their part and take sacrifices for the sake of their family. in their youth as a young married couple, instead of leading a yuppie lifestyle, they had to practise give and take, not just between the two of them but also among some of our ungrateful extended relatives, who wasted no time in taking advantage of them, of course.

in their middle age, they have to worry and take sacrifices for the sake of the futures of their three *ahem ahem* cute little offsprings. and now, as they edged towards senior citizenship, when they go to the doctor where they are supposed to get some priority treatment, here is this uncle who would take the trouble to go down twice in a space of 48 hours with his decorated and accessorized arm so as not to call and “trouble” people over at the hospital to just click the computer that is programmed to informed all relevant departments/parties of his change in medical appointment… pleaseeeeeee…



my blogging trends
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万一你没察觉,以上蓝蓝的东西是我以一年多来的博客资料所画的图表。这些日子来,我一共写了646 则胡言乱语的文章,尽管你们只能读642则,因为有4则是属于隐秘的文章。








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4 Responses to year ender ~ 年终总结

  1. budak says:

    you need a sidekick… someone to kick u in the side if u misbehave!

  2. mel says:

    I’ll just call the hospital and give them a piece of my mind! My experience tells me that the hospital system sometimes quite screw-up one you know.
    Anyway, happy and a more blogful new year to you!

  3. YL says:

    budak:that’s papa and mama’s job!! :D
    mel: hehe… yeah… sometimes they are just too overwhelmed too. nahz… the two appointments are set at different times… we have to call to reschedule.

  4. You know for older people that is probably a social opportunity too. They like to have a reason to be out and about.

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