this thing about exams II ~ 考试这码事II

the first sign came when one of my coursemate sms-ed me about how she had passed her exams and asked after me how did i fare. i had to reply, with my usual blurness about academic and student administrative issues, “huh??? you mean the results are out???”

i logged into the system to check my results. i passed… with not too fantastic results. the next year would be my critical year. i need to complete two 10-credit module that is a breakdown of what used to be a 20-credit module. that is the final 20-credit that i need to get out of that place. from Jan to Jun is the first 10-credit module. i need to pass this in order to go on to the second 10-credit module from Jul to Dec.

this means that if i fail the first 10-credit module, then sorry, i cannot go on to the second 10-credit module. i will have to wait for Jan’08 to retake the first 10-credit module again. if i pass the first 10-credit module but fail the second 10-credit module, then sorry, i have to wait until Jul’08 to retake the second 10-credit module, with nothing to do in school in the meanwhile.

however, if i pass both first and second 10-credit modules, it means I AM OUT OF THAT PLACE!!!!! so, starting from next year, if you realise that this little spot on the information highway has been holding up too much traffic with its frequent postings, please please give me a kick in the rear end to tell me that i ought to be concentrating on studies rather than blogging!!




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  2. How am I supposed to remember that? 0.0

    Good luck in your studies nevertheless.

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