cruelty ~ 残忍

i wanted to put “smartass” as the title of this post. but i supposed, given the amount of stupid things i do and then blog about, this title no longer catches people’s attention. it has become something like, “nahz, there she is at it again… ”

anyway, i did something smartass-ly again – i shot off my mouth again, wat’s new?? this conversation took place between me and someone newly single again who had only visitation rights to the kids, A.

me: hi!!
A: hi!!! how are you??
me: good!! how are you?? how’s your Christmas??
A: good. it was quiet.
me: erm, oh. oh yah, i called…

sigh… yeah, that’s me, asking someone who is newly single again, who had only visitation rights to the kids, who didnt spent Christmas with their own kids, how’s their Christmas. i am seriously rubbing salt on the wound. i feel so cruel. i really speak without going through any processing in the brain… if i had any!!


不管怎么样,我今天又“假聪明”了 – 我又胡说八道了,还有什么新鲜的呢??今天这对话是有关我与某位刚“重获单身”,并且只得了孩子的探望权,A。



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  1. You could have made him feel better with a swift kick to the crotch.

    Just joking. We all say things we wish we did not. I have. Just work on avoiding those faus pax in future. Thats the best anyone can do.

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