gut feeling ~ 直觉

moral of the story: when your gut feelings tells you something, please Please PLEASE dun be stubborn and LISTEN to it!!

the system was prompting that a software upgrade was due and it would be good to install it. i keep putting it off coz it was a none critical Internet explorer browser upgrade. i dun even use the internet explorer a lot. just when i have to log into certain gahmen websites coz they only support internet explorer and not any other browser.

just a few days ago, the prompt came up again and since i had some time on my itchy hands, i thought i would just let it upgrade and get rid of that silly prompt. just as i was about to click on the instal button, i swear my fingers did linger a little on the button, wondering if it is a good idea. too late, my itchy fingers clicked and it installed. i had left it alone since then. today, i thought i would try to see what is it all about. i clicked on the IE icon and a browser window appeared.

hmmmm… looks cool. almost like firefox, which was wat i am currently using. then the browser hang itself. i tried three times and for all the three times, it hanged itself while trying to connect to something, most probably a microsoft website or something that needs to travel through either Taiwan (that is currently affected by earthquarke) or Malaysia(that has certain parts submerged in water.).

the standard rule is 3 strikes and it is out. i think i will give it one more shot when the troubles at Taiwan and Malaysia is certified ok and on track. hopefully microsoft doesnt let me down.

p/s: my msn is also down. i feel so isolated now. :(


家里的系统一直在催我做个software upgrading,我却一直拖延因为这个软件是Internet Explorer,不是我时常用的,对我而言没什么影响,也就只是当我去某些政府部门的网站在会用到。就前几天,我想:居然有空,不如就把它upgrade了解决了吧!在还没点击之前,我确实是有犹豫一下的,但是太迟了,我的手已经行动了。安装后,我也没有去理会它了。结果今天,当我想去试图用这新的upgraded Internet explorer时,点击后它是有起动一下子。



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3 Responses to gut feeling ~ 直觉

  1. ivy says:

    my MSN was down yesterday too. i had the same feeling as u… somehow i feel so irritated that i can go on yahoo, google nor msn arghhh but at least today most of the sites i tried are ok. even my msn is alive again

  2. YL says:

    my msn is still dead… dunno wat happened… :(

  3. I hate computer updates. :(

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