accident aftermath ~ 意外后续

after the accident, the uncle is back recuperating at home now… but not after he created, what i supposed is an impression, on the nurses and fellow patients by proudly declaring that he is still young at the grand young age of 6… decades spent on the earth.

and when his nurse, after having spot him standing around his ward endlessly times, waiting for his medicine before he could be discharged, asked him to “never mind, you sit down and wait for your medicine…”, his second-born answered, “young child cannot sit down one…” :P


后来,但护士见他一直站在自己病房外等着领自己的药后就回家,就请他坐下,次女不禁要回答:“小孩子是坐不定的。。。” :P

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4 Responses to accident aftermath ~ 意外后续

  1. passerby a says:

    Hope everything is ok… take care.

  2. YL says:

    thanks! everything is somewat ok…

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