not dead, just sleepy ~ 没死,只是困了…

i wonder why my 3 assignments’ deadlines have to fall within three days of each other, with two of them on the SAME day!!!! buried by work. cant blog… not that i have readers. but if i ever read back, i want to know wat have i been doing… i am not dead… i am just sleepy…

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5 Responses to not dead, just sleepy ~ 没死,只是困了…

  1. amithyst says:

    life asks of you, what it thinks you can handle.

  2. stoned.nerd says:

    i’m reading you mah.

    there you go, you do have readers. :)

  3. YL says:

    amithyst: thanks!! i am taking a rope and hangin there…. morbid joke…. never mind….

    stoned.nerd: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. and i read your blog too!! surprised tat you were reading mine…

    need to go back to assignments now…. when will June end?? all the best!!


  4. mel says:

    Good luck with those assignments of yours. Don’t worry, July is just a few days away. :)

  5. YL says:

    YEAH…… facing it with mixed feelings though…. wish June would be over fast… but on other hand, looking at the amount of undone work due in June, i start to wish that June is further away from being over because time is running out…. dilemma…

    i think, what i really wish for is for me to complete all of my work and July to be here!!

    all the best!!


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