bought! bought!! bought!! a swinging good time!! ~ 买买买!好时光!

i bought three pieces of my childhood. yes, i bought the VCD boxsets i mentioned. a heave of relief. at least i would not be kicking myself in the head if i did not managed to buy the VCDs coz the store have closed down or for some reasons or other. but not free to watch it immediately for the moment. but i am happy to have found it at last. i had thought that it is already a “lost” edition. its happy to have found something you thought werent available ever again. and now, for the book. hopefully Yuan Jing is able to help me. after all it was published in 2004, not years ago… and moreover, i had even provided them with the link to the publisher and all. they did mentioned that if i am able to provide the publisher, chances are high that they are able to order for me. now, Yuan Jing, dont let me down.

three pieces of my childhood
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and on top of these VCDs, i had also made a trip down to the wisma sistic outlet to buy tickets. i am in for a jazzy time! i bought Jeremy Monteiro’s latest jazz performance at the Esplanade. hahaha… i am going to watch the master of Singapore jazz scene in action! i supposed i am in for a swinging and finger snapping fun time!!

if anyone is wondering what is the Singapore Parenting Congress ticket doing there, yes, i am going to the Singapore Parenting Congress. even though i am not a parent. why should such conferences be restricted to parents only?? i am not a parent but i want to come. i want to pick up some psychology tricks in handling children. any problem with that? no problem right? then shut up.

yeah!! i am going for a jazzy time! and of course, some ermmm parenting tips!
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我买了自己的三样童年回忆。对,我买了我之前那三套VCD。顿时松了一口气。至少我能确保我不会因为某些理由而买不到VCD 而“含恨而终”,但是暂时没空看。至少已经找到了。我还以为这已经是绝版VCD了。。。失而复得感觉真好!现在就等着那本书了。希望远景能帮我。一本2004年出版的书,应该不会太难,更何况我还提供了出版社和相关资料。。。他们可是有言在先,说如果我能提供出版社的资料,他们多办有办法找得到。远景,你可不能让我失望。

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除了VCDs, 我还买了票子。我决定去听Jeremy Monteiro的latest 爵士乐演出了。哈哈哈。。。他可是新加坡德高望重的大师级表演者之一。我想会有一定的看头!!

如果有人正在奇怪我为什么有Singapore Parenting Congress ticket的票子, 是的,我是打算去。就算我不是父母级人物。为什么只有父母级的人物可以去呢?? 我不是父母,但是我要参与。我想听听有关儿童心理学的资料。有问题吗?没问题吧?那就闭嘴。

yeah!! i am going for a jazzy time! and of course, some ermmm parenting tips!
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  1. andrew says:

    wah…jeremy monteiro…have fun!

  2. YL says:

    yeah yeah yeah…. Jeremy Monteiro…. he is like the grandpa of singapore Jazz scene… hear that he is very very good but i have never see him in action… so high time i should catch him in action… if not just to give myself a treat after a particularly hideous June…

    all the best!!


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