Sun Wu Kong ~ 孙悟空

i want to buy three VCD box sets:

  • Journey to the West (Part I)
  • Journey to the West (Part II)
  • Ji Gong
  • i have been looking around for these VCD box sets for the longest of time. these titles are actually around in the market for the longest of time. However, i did not get any of them as i wanted the edition where the character Sun Wu Kong is acted by Chinese actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong and not the other hyped up but of not much substance actors. i watched many versions of the Journey to the West since i was young. from the big time productions to “superstars” cast, out of all these, i still feel that the version acted by Liu Xiao Ling Tong is stil the most classic and sincere.

    i first saw him acting the role of Sun Wu Kong when i was in primary school. i should not be any older than 10 years old. of course back then, i would not have understood the artistic value nor the hardships that had gone into this role. i just thought: hey! that’s a cute and powerful monkey! if only it was mine! later, mediacorp, as a cost savings measure, i supposed, had re-broadcasted old shows. i watched and reminicised. my brother, a few good years younger, did not appear to appreciate these shows. he was busier laughing at the old effects used and the antique music styles. what a waste!

    just a couple days ago, when i was walking around Jurong East, i spotted these VCD boxsets for sale. i wish i could buy them there and then. however i did not bring enough cash with me as i thot it was just a short trip. these few days, i feel a sense of loss. i was worried that the store might have shutdown due to economic reasons. after all it was a little HDB store, not the chain stores. such neighbouring stores are known to have closed down and cleared overnight. and when you visit the next day, it is already in the midst of renovating for the next business operations!

    hou yuan – liu xiao ling tong
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    feeling lost, i surfed the net for any information on the artiste Liu Xiao Ling Tong. then did i realised that he actually had an official website! and what’s more, he had authored a book about his life, growing-up years, training and of course, the preparations for the filming of Journey to the West and many accounts of the behind-scenes. of course i am getting a copy!emailed Yuan Jing bookstore for help. but now, still having that feeling of loss. i supposed i would dash to the store to get those boxsets! appreciating a work of classic art, reminicising about my childhood, why not??

    why do i insist on this edition? i remember a few years ago, the actor, Liu Xiao Ling Tong came to Singapore for a performance and on his way, attended a live charity concert show. the compere interviewed him and along the line of interview, requested that perhaps he could give a live performance, just there and then. he agreed. without makeup, without a change of costumes, with his cudgel and music, he started acting out his role. all i saw was Sun Wu Kong, standing in front of his home, the “Water Curtain Cave”, playing around with his “children”, showing off his powress to them. it was a very touching performance.


  • 西游记(一)
  • 西游记(二)
  • 济公
  • 这三套光碟,我找了好久。不是因为它难找,而是因为我要的版本是由六小龄童所演义的孙悟空,而不是由其他国/演员“胡演”一通的《西游记》。长这么大了,看过许多版本的《西游记》,从大制作的到“大明星”所演的,还是觉得由六小龄童所演的孙悟空最经典,最有诚意。



    hou yuan – liu xiao ling tong
    Originally uploaded by yl.



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    3. NK says:

      I know this is an old entry.. but I stumble into your blog by searching for Liu Xiao Ling Tong.

      I don’t have this series yet. But this is my first chinese and favorite chinese series. I love the Monkey King. I have watch a lot of other version but none compare to the 80’s version with Liu Xiao Ling Tong. By the end of this year, I have to have this series or I am going insane. hehehehe ^___^

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