demise of a porridge legend ~ 粥传奇的结束

i am sad. i just found out that my favourite porridge stall near my place has decided to pack up and retire. which meant that officially, there is one pathetic porridge stall near my place. which is very sad coz they sells horrible porridge. their porridge is clumpy, watery and yucky…. basically the very type of food one would not choose to eat voluntarily. it has become the very type of food one would eat only when one is so ill that one has no energy to swallow anything. it has to be forced down one’s throat. sigh… this is so sad. so sad that i dont even want to snap a picture to show just how terrible the porridge is. my favourite porridge…. gone!!

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3 Responses to demise of a porridge legend ~ 粥传奇的结束

  1. andrew says:

    no need to test…just makan…try the porridge at Tuas. very shiok…

  2. yl says:

    nahz… was testing coz something was going wrong with the commenting thingy…. tuas ar…. very far lei!!!! nope…. i am not tat bad of a foodie!! ;P

    all the best!!


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