SHIOK AR!!!!!!!!!棒啊!!!!!

why should Chubby Hubby be the rare one around to blog about the food he puts into his mouth?? now now, for a food review by Chubby old hag – me!!

anyway, i went for the Chongqing hotpot. Yummy as usual….just found out that our usual waitress had gone back to China for good. sometimes, good service staff are part of the dining experience as well. the restaurant do not have a lot of service staff, but all of them are well trained and unpretentious. even if they are busy @ the moment and is unable to attend to you immediately, they would nod in your direction to indicate that “yes, i am aware that you need my service.” they do not have the “wat the heck do i have to bother myself with all these people…” attitude. perhaps it has something to do with all the service staff being full time PRC-Chinese rather than part time Singaporeans. i seriously cannot imagine restaurants hiring students for a pathetic amount of money providing such service…

anyway, the soup was great as usual, although a tad oily…. but after i removed the oil floating on top of the pot, it was just fine. it wasnt just mindless spiciness. behind the spiciness, there was a hint of aroma and taste, very subtle but just enough for one to detect it. and of course, how could i forget my favourite side dishes, such as pan-fried (note: its pan-fried, not deep-fried as many foodcourt stalls would have done now to save time…) dumplings, egg-coated ziba etc among others. its really heavenly… btw, i am most probably going again on monday if i am meeting Bei Bei. she, being a Sichuan-Chinese, would like to sample the Chongqing hotpot hailed from her hometown in the faraway place Singapore. i wonder if she finds it authentic enough. wonder if we are meeting. still on the drawing board. other updates in my life includes:

  • a Chinese Calligraphy course starting on 26 June 2005 (yes, after being on the waiting list for so long, i got a place @ last.)
  • a tentative switch of browser from Internet Explorer to FireFox. not much difference actually, just tat firefox tends to be a tad faster in response. i wonder if it is my imagination, but after i switched to firefox and ran into some problems visiting a website, i decide to use IE to access that website. it responsed very fast, unlike its usual fashion. almost as fast as FireFox. maybe IE has this little gadget inbuilt to detect a double browser installed and increases its speed accordingly… but i am most probably going to stick to Firefox for the moment.

  • Chongqing hotpot
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    pan fried dumplings
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    为什么Chubby Hubby 是唯一一个写美食的人呢?今天我这肥婆也要写关于美食!


    不管怎么样,那汤头和平时一样香,就是有点太油了,把上层油去掉,它仍然是美味可口的!喜欢它是因为它不是霸道十足的麻辣,而是在麻辣之中,带有淡淡的清甜,很淡但是很美味。还有那些小菜,如韭菜煎饺,蛋煎滋粑等等。。。太棒了!我多办星期一又要和蓓蓓一起去。她这四川人,可要在离老家老远的新加坡尝尝家乡的美味。。。不知道她会不会嫌不够正中呢? 现在还没约好。可能不会见面。生活中的小点滴包括:

  • 即将在六月二十六日开课的书法班。等了那么久,终于有名额给我了!
  • 我把browser从Internet Explorer改为FireFox。没发现有多大的不同。但是firefox的反映会较快些。。。不知道是不是自己幻想能力太好,但是刚才换了软件后,因为去一个网站碰到了点问题,所以用回了IE,发现它的反映比平时快了很多!可能是IE内部有一个小仪器,能测试系统有两个相同的软件而把反映速度加快了吧! :P不过我多办回继续用Firefox。
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    6 Responses to SHIOK AR!!!!!!!!!棒啊!!!!!

    1. coffee addict says:

      hihi, chanced upon ur blog.
      the Chongqing hotpot place looks really good! *drools*
      mind telling me the exact location and how much does it cost pls?
      it’s steamboat style right?


    2. YL says:


      the Chongqing hotpot is at Lucky Plaza, one floor above the foodcourt. i usually go for lunch, which is about S$24+++. it is steamboat buffet, no limits to how many times guests could order, unlike some other Chongqing hotpot places. Njoy!

      all the best!!


    3. coffee addict says:

      thanks! looks really yummy and i’ll have to go try it one day!

    4. YL says:

      oh… you should!! its really great!

      all the best!!


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