AMD trouble

i wrote about wanting to get my AMD done quite some time (approx. 2 months) ago.

i was @ the polyclinic today, getting myself checked on a skin fungus infection. thought i would get my Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) done as well. sadly, the mysterious AMD still eluded me. according to the government website, which states that “Yes, both witnesses must be physically present to verify the identity of the person signing the AMD, as well as to sign the AMD form. As the first witness is your doctor, the second witness may be his nurse. “. however, according to the polyclinic doctor, she has an email directive from her reporting tree that she is not to allow her nurses to assist in the making of an AMD as it involves disclosure of personal particulars of the nurse. so to protect polyclinic nurses, doctors are not to get the nurses to be second witness in the making of an AMD.

ok, reasonable enough. but why is it not stated so in the website?? if i am a busy working adult who had especially taken leave to settle this issue, i would have blown up there and then! hmmm well, written a feedback letter and cc to the entire world within the government healthcare. hopefully they do something about it. this is silly. why couldnt they simply allowed the nurses to continue being a witness but keep their particulars confidential?? now, i have to wait till LK is free to come down with me to be my witness. i offered to be hers though!

i think making an AMD is a good thing. i am not opting for death. i am merely choosing not to be kept artificially alive.

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