fairy tales ~ 童话故事

someone called me in the dead of the night (about 2am) just as i was about to zonk out to cry confide in me about her problems with her boyfriend. they used to be on the verge of preparing for the wedding of the century. but now they are on the verge of the breakup of the century instead.

recently, another called me, wanting to have someone to talk to about her disintegrating marriage. basically she is bitching to me about her hubby. and wanted someone to say, “yeah yeah… yah lor…” in the background, basically a yes-woman. something i am not very willing to do coz i kinda knew the hubby too. coz i have some ermmm rather indepth knowledge of the process of disintegration too as a sideline observer. one is too pampered and self-centred. the other is too submissive and choose to bottle everything up. like i say, a sideline observer would tend to see things clearer. bottling everything up would result in a massive explosion.

these were the people who used to gloat to me literally about how happy they were, how their boyfriends/husband is so darn good and how well pampered by their significant others. and now, they are the very same ones who reminded me why fairytales do not have sequels. imagine, “Cinderella II – the concubine returns!”, “Snow white and the ugly divorce”. geez, not very pleasant thoughts… i’ll stick to the usual (boring) fairytales fare.

and people still ask me, why are you so adamant that you are not interested in a boyfriend or getting hitched?? are you a brokeback mountain??



这些人之前有时不时向我嚣张地炫耀自己的另一伴对他们有多好,自己有多开心。而现在,他们却在我面前哭成泪人,提醒我为什么童话故事似乎永远不可能有,也最好不要有续剧。试想想,《灰姑娘II –  王子的另一个女人》、《白雪公主II – 丑陋的离婚》。还是省省了。。。我还是保持平时的那些(沉闷)的童话故事吧!!



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4 Responses to fairy tales ~ 童话故事

  1. zara's mama says:

    People actually asked you if you are Brokeback mountain ah??


    Sometimes relationships are like that. When you are at its peak, it’s all laced with sugar.. and then when things go down hill, it becomes very bitter and sour.

  2. YL says:

    yah lor… i happen to be at the age where people either get wedded and bedded or they are brokeback mountaineers… or something must be wrong with them… :S

    yah lor… that’s why i prefer bittersweet dark chocolate. a little bitter, a little sweet and yet with the fragrance of chocolates all at the same time…

  3. Eileen says:

    Mum used to tell me this: You would only know if you have a blissful marriage when you are near your end. Sounds very crude, but i think there’s some truth in it lor..

  4. YL says:

    yeah… just like how some say that people would never repent and apologise until their deathbed…

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