solo trip ~ 单独的旅程

sometimes humans are such funny creatures. sometimes, one just wakes up, look in the mirror while brushing their teeth and go, “geez, no, i really dun like myself this way. lumpy, obese and unflattering with a single pea for a brain. i need changes…”

yeah, such a morning happened to me today. actually it had happened to me many times. just that i am simply too stubborn to do it. too many mornings. nope, its not low self esteem at work. its just that i really need and want a change. i am sick and tired of myself being… well, myself.

nope, i am not spirelling my way down to the dumps. i just basically need a new course for brain stimulation, lots of exercises to get fit or just back to somewhere near my fitness level at my peak (i meant MY fitness peak, not the fitness pinnacle of those crazed super fit humans…) and tons of discipline to keep the exercises going and the eating habits healthy. i can do it.
this is my trip. my solo trip.




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2 Responses to solo trip ~ 单独的旅程

  1. zara's mama says:

    Hope you find peace and enjoyment on your solo trip.. :P

  2. YL says:

    thanks!!! will persist on my solo trip!!

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