cement ~ 定型了

if this incident give hints of me being a smartass who tend to make things tougher for my classmates, then the following incident would have cemented it.

on monday night, i received an sms from a classmate, A:

hey yl, i am not free to have lessons on 29 July coz skool cca change days. so how ar?

after a furrow of sms-es to and fro, we settled on a few alternative days for make up lesson to propose to the teacher. tue, i called the teacher to inform her that A is unable to make it this saturday, 22 July, and could we rearrange to have the lesson on blab blab blab date???

after a whole furrow of communications going to and fro, suddenly realisation dawn upon us:

  • A is unable to make it on 29 July, not 22 July. guess who is the one who made that mistake??
  • 29 July is considered a 5th week, so that is no lesson on that particular day. ok, i am not the blur queen here!!

i am a smartass… cartoon courtesy of HarpWeek
Originally uploaded by yl.






  • A是7月29日时间冲突而无法上课,不是7月22日。不知道是谁把日期弄错了??
  • 7月29日是所谓的第五个星期,原本是没有上课的。好,这回我可不是糊涂虫了!!!
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8 Responses to cement ~ 定型了

  1. zara's mama says:

    did you keep the sms as proof?

  2. YL says:

    got… and she “confessd” to her blur blur booboo…

  3. Boy I’m confused. Try to read the Chinese version. haha

  4. YL says:

    is my narration very confusing??

  5. Eileen says:

    Initially i also very blur, then i read again and again…and went ‘ohhhh….’…see i really live up to my nick… :P

  6. YL says:

    ok… narration skills need improvement… :S

  7. I just do not see where this makes you a smartass.

  8. YL says:

    i was the smartass who made the teacher went through the trouble of trying to change the time of the other students to accomodate us on 22 july instead of 29 july…

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