smile ~ 笑

that’s right!! smile on, Singapore!!

smile!!! you are on candid camera!!!
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hahaha… imagine this scenario:

at the airport.

visitor: excuse me, could you help me?

sgrean, flashing the brightest smile: oh, yes sir?? how may i help you??

visitor: ermmmmm… where is the taxi booth??

sgrean: oh, its located at the arrival hall.

visitor: oh, thanks!! btw, there is something red stuck onto your teeth.

sgrean: har?? oh izzitttttttttt??? aiyah… must be the chilli from my bak chor mee lah!!!! luckily i tell the bak chor mee man clearly that i no want tur kwa in my bak chor mee… or else, the teeth sure kena tur kwa wan

i am boh liao ok… can or not?? i say sorry, can??? no need to explain right??

p/s: upon checking, the chilli bit did not come from bak chor mee chilli but from chongqing hotpot instead. sorry. my explanation: i was eating chongqing hotpot when i got blog-inspired. so i planted a chilli bit there and snapped a picture. end of explanation. sorry lor… btw, no CCTV evidence either.

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5 Responses to smile ~ 笑

  1. Got any more? I wanna get chili on my teeth too. ;)

  2. Eileen says:

    Hahahaha…this is a good one! :) now show mouth, the next time show eyes can?? :P

  3. YL says:

    simple american: hehehe… no more… all packed away in my tummy!! :P

    Eileen: next time i show whole face… look out for my next post.

  4. zara's mama says:

    This is you ah?? Aiyo.. show nicer one la.. why show chilli..

    Next time show nose got mucus.. blech!

  5. YL says:

    hehehe… ok ok ok… next time take nice nice photo for you… :P

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