pesky sales ~ 可恶的行销人员

i realised that if i am pursuing a full time career in CIA or any other hush-hush organisation, i would be out of job real soon.


just today, when i was in my room, my phone went off. i answered. the other party addressed me with a correct name and all. when i enquire who is it calling, she answered that she is a representative from “shitty banking“. apparently she knew that i dun hold any credit cards from “shitty banking” and hence, she called to check out… as if she had a right to that piece of information. i declined to disclose anything.

hmmmmmm… in this information age, i wonder just how many spies could keep their personal information away from the prying eyes of telesales persons.


near an mrt in the western side of this sunny island, i spotted those irritating surveyors who is basically surveying for contact information so that they could hound people to buy watever crap they are offering. i made a detour. one of those scum surveyors saw and moved over to try to block my way, cajoling flirtly, “eh… why make a detour to avoid us??” i totally ignored him and went on my way. geez… its difficult to imagine that someone could develope that thick of a hide skin. you are already blocking the public walkway with your entourage. i had specially made a detour. why are you still bothering me??

i cant even do a simple avoid-irritatingly-thick-skinned-surveryor manoeuver. i can seriously forget a career in any hush hush organisation.



今天,当我在房里时,我的手机响了。当我接听来电时,对方以正确的称呼来称呼我,表明自己是“shitty banking”的代表。原来她居然知道我没有从该公司申请信用卡,所以拨通电话来问问,似乎她本就有这个权力问似的。我谢绝回答。





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4 Responses to pesky sales ~ 可恶的行销人员

  1. Maybe you should be a shooter and not a sneak. :)

    Then you don’t walk around. *BANG* Walk straight forward.

  2. YL says:

    hahaha… i should be!!!! coz when he said that, i threw him a look that ensured that he would not be breathing at this particular moment should looks could kill!! :P ok… change in career plans!!

  3. zara's mama says:

    Or.. maybe you are already working in a hush hush organisation.. that’s why you are trying to avoid giving out too much information of yourself.. Haha.

  4. YL says:

    hahaha… shy lah… :P

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