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one part of my AMusTCL homework last week was to copy out passages from the Riemenschneider edition of Bach’s 371 harmonized chorales to get us used to Bach’s harmonizing and writing of chorale style, which forms a major part of the marks allocation in the AMusTCL paper.

at the classroom of my AMusTCL course where i was early for lesson, the teacher just chitchatted with me, “so how yl?? do you find the copying useful so far??” and me, the smart aleck, replied,”actually i was thinking, instead of doing blind copying, i tried doing the chord analysis along the way as well so as to be familiar with the chord progression bach would use…”

at this moment, my classmates stepped in, signalling the start of the lesson and the end of our conversation. and i stupidly thought that was the end of it. then the teacher got to sabotage me by saying this during the lesson, “oh yah… just now yl brought up a point that we should do the chord analysis along the way as well. and i agreed with wat she said… its quite true… so for homework next week, could you all do the chord analysis when you all copy out??”

uh oh… now the whole class would noe that i am the cause of their troubles… now now… chord analysis is widely deemed to be a boring activity although i personally thought it was rather challenging as i approached with an investigative mindset, you noe, the part about having the clues and then finding the answers. so now, the whole class noe i am the cause of their added workload. geez.

there is a saying that if someone is scolding you, you would sneeze once. i think i am getting a flu soon… :S

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我正在修读的AMusTCL有一份功课,就是得要从Riemenschneider edition of Bach’s 371 harmonized chorales中把巴哈的作品抄写出来,以让我们熟悉巴哈的作品风格。这是考试分数占有量蛮高的一个项目。





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7 Responses to smartass ~ 假聪明

  1. Eileen says:

    hahaha…’kena’ sabo by your teacher ah!! Alamak, this teacher also 不会做人 leh, should not have mentioned your name mah… :P

  2. YL says:

    hehe… i supposed since our group was small, only three of us students, she feels that everything and everyone is open lorh… she is one of those type… 烂好人 lah…

  3. zara's mama says:

    Bad huh? Your teacher actually mentioned your name.

    Btw.. these classes you are attending, really sounds Greek to me.. so you know I’m not musically inclined. :P

  4. YL says:

    yah lor… i was like… “wa lao… auntie… you win liao lor… :S” but its already a done deal.

    hehehe… i tend to attend a lot courses on music… i am looking into a third language course… but currently… ermmmm…let’s leave it as i am financially strapped. :(

  5. Oh my. Ha ha.

    Sorry to laugh. But this has happened to me so much. My big mouth used to call my classmates to groan as I was curious to no end and blind to their desire to avoid such endeavors.

    Oh well. Not so hard for you since you were already on that path. Hope you classmates can make it a fond memory.

  6. YL says:

    i hope so… :P

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