gaming!! 游戏!!

after gaming mama Huileng posted in her blog about her gaming habits, mel also posted in her blog about being a gaming mama and how “Huileng is going to have a good laugh at me. ” i am not a mama. but neither am i a gamer. but i think i would be able to provide excellent entertainment to these high tech mamas… now both of them can put their heads together and laugh @ me instead!! just look @ my idea of gaming!! the most high tech game is the two windows on my laptop screen – Solitaire and Freecell!! gosh… now did i realise, i am actually tat low tech!! solitaire! freecell!! move-the-squares!!! manual IQ game!!!!

and i am still looking for chinese chess/otello installation CD that would play chinese chess/otello with me… my last CD refused to install itself onto my laptop nor desktop as it is a 16 bit whereas my desktop & laptop is running on 32 bit… why cant it be a little more accomondating??

my idea of gaming
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游戏妈妈Huileng在自己的网络日记里写下自己的游戏习惯, mel 也在她的网络日记上写下了自己的游戏经验,也提到了”Huileng 可要笑掉大牙了。 ” 我不是一位妈妈。我也不是一个爱玩电子游戏的人。不过我想我会是这两位电玩妈妈的大笑饼!她们二位可以一起合力笑我了。看看我对游戏的认识!最高科技的就是电脑里安装的内部游戏 – Solitaire and Freecell!! 啊。。。现在我才发现自己原来是那么的“低”科技!! solitaire! freecell!! 移动方块格!!! 人力IQ 游戏!!!!


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  1. mel says:

    Hehe. I’ve not heard of Freece before. I like solitaire too.

  2. Mandrake says:

    testing comment.

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