the deities have their AGM ~ 神仙都去开常年会议了

Chinese New Year Eve many years back. THE auntie was preparing to pray to the various deities.

me: mama, why must we pray to the deities on Chinese New Year ar??
auntie: orrrrrrh, coz its like the deities are going on a business trip to the heavens for their AGM with the Jade Emperor to report on their various progress.
me: then why must prepare so much food???
auntie: those companies with AGMs also prepare a lot of food to entertain their shareholders so that the shareholders would not raise some sensitive questions!! same lar!! must prepare food for the deities so that they would not raise sensitive issues about our households mahz…
me: …



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6 Responses to the deities have their AGM ~ 神仙都去开常年会议了

  1. the diva says:

    Hehehee… what a great way to explain abstract concepts to kids!

  2. YL says:

    kekeke… by drawing analogies!! i like to draw analogies too when i explain concepts!! :D

  3. Eileen says:

    That’s a good one! :)

    Happy Lunar New Year to you and Auntie, Uncle, Ah Jie and the little boy who’s protecting our nation! :))

  4. YL says:

    Thanks!!! and a happy new year to you, darling hubby and little dear dear Ethylyn too!!

  5. Zara's mum says:

    Hey btw, here is to wish you GONG XI FA CHAI!!

  6. YL says:

    thanks!!! wishing you and your family all the best for the year ahead too!! ;)

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