purchases ~ 购物

its confirmed. i am a nerdy bookish but not very smart bookworm. i set out to do shopping to buy CNY clothes and stuff. i seriously dunno how did the book get into the picture. really!! i dunno why!!

was supposed to buy some new attire for myself. i ended up only buying the shoes!! and then i just found out… actually, i dun need to buy new clothes mah coz i got a set of new clothes which i bought about 6 months ago. since i havent wore them officially, its still new, right?? since it is new, that means i have a new set of attire for Chinese New Year, right?? so now, i have new bag, new attire, new shoes and new specs… WOOHOOoo!!! i am CNY-ORD (Chinese New Year-Operational Ready Date)!!! that means, i have extra spending budget liao!! so, i can go buy more books liao!!!!! my reason?? coz i heard from someone that during Chinese New Year, cannot buy shoes or books as shoes (鞋) in Chinese could be pronounced as evil(邪) and books (书) in Chinese could be pronounced as loser (输). i have bought the shoes. so with extra budget, buy books lahz!! *yl takes out her list of to-buy books* WOOOHOOOooo!!! i am beginning to like Chinese New Year!!

my loot for the day season
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本来应该买新衣服的,结果我却只是买了鞋子!!然后我发现。。。其实我不需要买新衣服嘛!!因为我发现了柜子里有我半年前买的衣服。居然我没穿过它们,那它们就算是新衣服了,对吗??居然它们是新衣服,那就代表我有新衣服穿了,对吗??也就是说我现在已经有新包包、新衣服、新鞋子,甚至连新眼镜都有了!!哈哈哈!!我现在已经准备好迎接新年了!!我还有多余的预算去买书呢!!什么理由啊??嗯。。。因为。。。因为。。。因为他们说过年的时候不能买鞋(邪)或书(输),否则会“撞邪”或把全部输输掉的。。。鞋是买好了。。。那就买书吧!!*把“书单子”拿出来* 哈哈哈!!我开始有一点喜欢过年了!!

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8 Responses to purchases ~ 购物

  1. the diva says:

    Wow! I really envy you that you have time to read books leh… I used to buy loads of books too. But now, I only buy children’s book :P

  2. eileen says:

    Hehehe, maybe can get yourself a new hairstyle as well? :p

  3. minamiz says:

    confirm cannot buy shoes… 1 yr i keh kiang, bought c&k shoes on chu 3, machiam, i ended up “hai hai seng” for d rest of d year…. up to u to believe, but ever since then, NO SHOES SHOPPING DURING CNY!!!!!!

  4. YL says:

    diva: hahahaha!!! i read books for recreational and entertainment. your recreation and entertainment is provided LIVE!! by Ophelia!! ;)

    Eileen: new hairstyle -> i cut it just before Christmas… still counted lahz…

    minamiz: hehehe… dun care lahz… as long as i have an excuse to buy books, i just make use!! :P

  5. Gina says:

    hey, the brown shoes looks nice! actually both shoes look almost similar. Haha. =))

  6. andrew says:

    Have a peaceful year ahead!

  7. YL says:

    Gina: slightly different…

    andrew: all the very best for the year ahead too!!

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