persistence pays ~ 坚持有理!!

with the ah-jie having her own family, me working funny hours and not having meals at home, the ah-boy away protecting the country, there were many times where my mom just dunno how to prepare meals for two persons.

yesterday night, 11pm. my mom was putting away the leftover rice when i happened to walk into the kitchen.

“fried rice tomorrow?? i am not having lunch at home leh, only dinner.” i said.

“haha… never mind. because i intend to fry the rice tomorrow night for dinner. so you coming back for dinner lah!! haha!! cannot escape liao!!” replies THE auntie.

“ok lor…” i mused. guess wat i have for dinner today??

and the best part: guess what came in the mail today?!?!

after such a long roundabout, i finally got the book!! not too tattered actually. quite ok… only a few creases on the outside coz of the browsing. but, i am happy!!!! tomorrow go take back my deposit!! YEAH!!

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“哈哈哈。。。 没关系。你逃不掉!!因为我本来就打算明天晚上才炒!!所以你有回来吃哦??”大婶回答。




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5 Responses to persistence pays ~ 坚持有理!!

  1. the diva says:

    Hmmm… those were the days. My mom “suffered” like that for ages too, esp after me and my brother suddenly gained lots of independence because our doting dad bought both of us cars (aiyah – in those days only 5 year old second hand ones lah, not brand new). She was so upset that we were treating our home like Mom’s Restaurant and Hostel that she…. STOPPED COOKING for us! Yes! She only cooked for herself and my dad. For the rest of us, we had to register with her by 10am on the same day if we’re coming home for dinner – if not – DEN DEN DEN DEN… no food for you … heheheheeee

  2. Eileen says:

    I guess every mom will face this problem one day …when the kids are all grown up and have their own world…My mom sometimes don’t cook too when we have appt and can’t make it home for dinner..she said it’s really difficult to cook for 2 persons!

  3. YL says:

    the diva: yeah… for now, the default arrangement now is to register before she starts cooking, ie, before 6pm. otherwise, if you are lucky, you eat the leftovers, or basically do something yourself.

    Eileen: my mom still try to cook coz she says outside food is not healthy. if there is only two persons, she would cook simply stuff like porridge or something.

  4. Zara's mum says:

    At least your mum still cook..

    After my dad retired, leaving my mum and him at home most of the time, every day, they just went out to eat.. breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    Now my mum passed away.. my dad skips lunch, we have to take care of his dinner (or rather the maid has to)…

    Finally you got the book.. what is it about huh?

  5. YL says:

    kekeke… my mom bothers coz my dad is on controlled diet.

    yeah!! i got the book at last. the book is actually about the actor, 六小龄童,’s autobiography.

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