4’s meme

the diva say must do, so i do… :P

Here’s the meme:
4 jobs you’ve had in your life:
– student
– clerk
– events assistant
– piano tutor

4 movies you could watch over and over
– shine
– awakening
– billy elliot
– six sense

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch
– 西游记得(China’s 六小龄童 version)
– 齐公 (also the old china version)
– Get Real (Diana Ser, ChannelNewsAsia)
– 特写

4 places you’ve lived
– Chua Chu Kang Village, Singapore
– current mysterious place of residency, Singapore
– no other place as lazy bums like me dun move around. i stay put at one place like a bleached whale.

4 places you’ve been on vacation to
– Genting Highlands, Malaysia
– … no money, no honey travelling

4 places you would rather be
– a music student at a recognised university in US
– at home boh liao-ing to my parents
– hanging out at a cafe with an engaging book
– attending some engaging concerts

4 of your favourite foods
– hot cake with ice cream combo (NYDC)
– subway sandwich
– mushrooms
– 麻辣火锅!!

4 of your favourite beverages (diva’s own addition)
– cold tiramisu latte
– Milo Dinosaur
– Horlick Dinosaur
– tea

4 (or more) websites you visit daily
– all the blogs you see listed on the side bar
– wikipedia
– news website such as newpaper.asiaone.com.sg, zaobao.com, channelnewsasia.com, channelnewsasia.tv, etc.

4 tagged
Zara’s Mama – i think this woman is already quadruple-tagged… so i might as well as 搭个顺风车。。。
minamiz – you kena coz i know you read my blog!!
Ethylyn’s mummy – also another 顺风车
Damien’s mummy

ladies, thank you veli muchi!! everyone else, please check if i have any outstanding IOUs with you… CNY coming lah…

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6 Responses to 4’s meme

  1. the diva says:

    Wah! Thanks leh, you really give me face :)

  2. YL says:

    kekeke… diva mahz… wat if you throw a Naomi Campbell style temper @ me?? :P

  3. the diva says:

    I wonch lah… I’m old and mellow already :P

  4. YL says:

    old??? :| where got old??? still pretty mama!! :D

  5. Zara's mum says:

    Oh.. your 顺风车 mean this..

    Btw, what is Milo Dinasaur, Horlicks Dinasaur? Just a big cup of Milo and Horlicks is it?

    I didn’t know the drink one is added by The Diva.. haha.. I should have added my own 4 also.. 4 books I love… 4 CDs I like to listen to.. :P

    Btw, I love the Shine and Billy Eliot too..

  6. YL says:

    Milo Dinosaur is iced milo with milo powder on top… same for Horlicks Dinosaur.

    kekeke… looks like we have similar taste in books, movies and most probably music!! :P

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