what’s the logic behind?? ~ 怎么解释背后的逻辑??

**** unsweetened orange juice DRINK: S$2.90
**** orange juice DRINK: S$ 2.70

now, one would assume that special processing is done to “unsweeten” the orange juice, resulting in the slightly higher cost, right?? but no… both are fruit juice DRINK. which means that it is essentially a drink that contains some fruit juice and sweetened with sugar. ingredients on the unsweetened orange juice DRINK: orange concentration, water and permitted preservative. ingredients on the orange juice DRINK: orange concentration, water, freshly Squeezed orange juice, refined cane sugar, Glucose, permitted preservative and orange essence. so, is **** company charging people extra for the word “unsweetened”?? they even get to save on the refined cane sugar and Glucose.

in our busy world, how many of us have actually analysed food labels and nutritional tables?? in this case, are we paying more for a catchy UNSWEETEN label??

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某某品牌的“无糖”橙汁水: S$2.90
同品牌的橙汁水: S$ 2.70



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9 Responses to what’s the logic behind?? ~ 怎么解释背后的逻辑??

  1. the diva says:

    hahahaha… because in the sweetened one, the manufacturer uses less REAL juice since the taste is provided by the SUGAR lah..

  2. YL says:

    orrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!! now that makes sense to my pea-sized brain!!

  3. king's wife says:

    it’s probably just a perception. We think unsweetened seems healthier, so willing to pay more.

  4. the diva says:

    OMG YL! You’ve been tomorrowed again leh!

    Hahaha… this time I registered with tomorrow lah, so that I won’t be an Anon Coward again.

  5. YL says:

    king’s wife: yeah… i used to think so too… until i realised wat “healthy” stuff i have been plying myself with… :P

    the diva: thanks!! you have stepped out of the closet!!:P

  6. Fannie says:

    sweetened or unsweetened…I can’t really take OJ.

    I believe…the unsweetened is more expensive because it was believed that they use more oranges for the juice instead of syrup :D

    That’s only my guess lah! :)

  7. YL says:

    hahaha… Fannie, you are just like me… cant take OJ… the throat will get itchy and stuff. :p

  8. Zara's mum says:

    Like what The Diva and Fannie said, unsweatened means more juice, since the taste cannot be enhanced with sugar.. or sugar water.

    I normally go for the unsweetened ones if I have the option.

    Btw, the photo that you’d posted, with a difference of $0.15? I don’t think they are giving you much extra, some more the sweetened one has ORANGE JUICE, where as the non-sweetened only has CONCENTRATE.. That is questionable.

    I normally will read labels of food I buy.. just to see for the price I’m paying, what am I getting, esp the first few ingredients.

  9. YL says:

    yeah!! i find that a lot of the merchants these days like to play on the “health” card without giving a damm on whether it really fits the label. not until someone gets hurt i supposed!!!

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