blue sky ~ 蓝天

i thot this was one of the nicest blue sky i seen in recent days.
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i woke up to a nice blue sky today. cheerful blue sky with beautiful cloud formation.

in our hectic lives, just when was the last time U saw such beauty blue sunny sky??? i thot the day would be such a beautiful sunny day…… i spoke too soon.

after lunch, dark clouds lumbered…… threatening to cry soon…… and we have to go pay respects to my late maternal grandma and grandpa,whom i had never met. even my mom doesnt really remember him as he passed away when she was three. my maternal grandparents had 9 children. and most of us were up there in the pagoda’s veranda….. so you could imagine just how crowded the veranda was then, with all the sons, daughters, daughter-in-laws, son-in-laws, grandchildren and ermmmmm grandchildren-in-law…..

anyway, by the time we reached the Mount Vernon columbaria to pay respects to my maternal grandma and grandpa, the drizzle had escalated to a tropical thunderstorm with gales of strong wild wind tat could rival the famous Hong Kong hurricades. it doesnt help either tat we are right on top of the pagoda with open verandas. the strong winds blew out our candles and threaten to do the same with the lit joss sticks. it was almost impossible… and in order to prevent the lit joss sticks from being extinguished by the excited winds, we, namely my mom, my eldest auntie and me, had stood erect beside the makeshift (out of two styroform ice boxes….. eldest uncle/aunt are fishmongers) offering altar, trying valiantly to block the wind and rain.

the result?? several blown out joss sticks, two blown out candles & three very cold and drenched females, one of which is, of course, yours sincerely. however, strangely, when the time came to burn the paper offerings, the weather miraculously cleared up for the fire to burn merrily, with its fiery tongues lapping up the offering hungrily. divine intervention?? hmmmmmm perhaps.



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