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this is a boy-going-to-be-a-man’s bag
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my little brother got enlisted on 07 april 2005. suddenly, i feel all scared and weepy @ the thot of my little brother all grown up. he is no longer the little fellow i could bully now. he is going to be a MAN. tat’s wat army produces isnt it??

anyway, we went to send him off. despite my brother and me not being very chummy(he’s closer to our elder sis), despite the fact i used to bully him, i am worried. he might get bullied. he might get into bad company. he might get “blanket partied” coz he did something “wrong” as he didnt know better. he could have been “arrowed” into doing something dangerous.

anyway, on D-day, dad, mom and i went to Tekong with him. the moment i step onto the jetty, i cant help but to go WHAO!!!!! this place sure looks like a holiday resort!! even my dad commented tat this place is better than Bintan. my brother remained silent.

throughout the whole looksee trip, they tried very hard of convince us, parents and relatives alike, tat “your sons are well taken care of!!” clean bedsheets, clean room, clean everything…… even provide us a sample lunch. i tried to believe. then i had to read abt this.

i seriously hope tat my brother would not be in tat situation. it is indeed very sad tat people would take the chance just so as to save a few mins or hours. tat the price of life could be TAT cheap. and, yes, i am worried. and i missed him. i missed talking nonsense to him just to see his face fell and literally had “huh?? like tat also can!! dun tell people U are my sister…..” scribbled all over. looks like my parents are cooler abt the fact tat he is away in camp than me. trust them.




当我们到处参观时,军官们都重复地让我们知道:“您的儿子将受到很好的照顾与对待。” 不错,干净的床单,干净的房间,样样都是干净的。。。兵营还让我们吃了一顿兵营的饭菜。我试图相信。但是我却在网络上读到这个


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