God ~ 神

*in a particular office in Singapore*
colleague: yl ar, are you a Christian?
me: nope.
colleague: how come you are always so happy har??
me: ermmm, coz i choose to be happy??
colleague: you always work late but always very bubbly lei. you so good U noe. merry, humble and hardworking. too bad you dont have God in your heart.
me: ??? *stunned speechless by the colleague’s tactless insensitive remarks.*

i almost had to bite off my tongue to keep me from retorting, just as insensitively,”i do have God in my heart. i just dont have your God in my heart.” am i supposed to wallow in the dirt coz i am not a Christian?? i do have Christian friends. we understand each other’s religious practices so, when we eat together, i wait for them to say their Grace before we start eating. they would not ask if i want to try their beef steak. in fact, when we eat steamboat, they would not even cook beef in the pot coz they noe i love to drink soup. we could also accept it when suddenly, out of reflexes, go “Praise the Lord!”. or, if reglion is not mentioned, no one evangelise or criticise other people’s religions. they are able to accept the fact that people are all different.

but there is this group of people belonging to a particular faith who are fanatic about their faith. they would also love to “share” the joys of their faith with you, even if they do not know you. even if you tell them frankly that you already have a faith and you are happy. some of the more obnoxious ones would question your ability to judge whether you are really happy when you dont have Christianity in your heart. the real bigoted ones would tell you in the face that you are stupid to have chosen the wrong faith. i am not exaggerating. i once met a lady who told me that, when i was in my impressionable teens.

i attended church services with friends about twice. i watched a hindu religious ceremony @ the waterloo street temple before. i celebrate Hari Raya with my University malay friends. my friends @ church did not expect me to participate in their prayers. the lady at the hindu temple explained to me the purpose of their ceremony without passing comments about my religion. my malay friends was sensitive not to prepare any beef items at the party. i even wanted to learn malay. this is the type of religion mutual respect i enjoy. i seriously wonder what are the churches of these people doing that someone in their congregation could actually passing such insensitive comments nonchalantly. its almost scary.

i have nothing against any faith or religion. i am just against insensitive bigots who does not seemed to understand the concept of mutual respect.

我: 不是。
同事: 为什么你那么开心呢?
我: 嗯,因为我选择要开心。
同事: 你时常得加班,但是你还是很活泼。你真好。快乐,谦虚,努力。只可惜你心中没有神。
我: ???



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