Opening Ceremony!!

self portrait of my digital camera
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question: how do you take a self portrait of a digital camera?
MY solution?? via a mirror of course!!! and with the help of the mirror i used to examine my pimples & ever enlarging pores, i took a picture of my new digital camera!!!

well, as U could tell, this blog was actually created on 24 feb 2005. but my camera came in only on 10 March 2005, where i bought it @ the Suntec IT show. & i was too busy then to Njoy my new toy. now…… i am going to Njoy myself with my new toy!!!

a trip to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Wan Qing Yuan was planned one of these days. soon…. soon…. after i had finish the avalanche of assignments & work KIVed for the moment.i am going to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Wan Qing Yuan @ last!!!!

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