Excuse me, do u really wanna be a star?
● Xu Huanliang
Floating on water

21st century is the time of star-searching television.

In 2001, England started Pop Idol. The American Idol had a cool start in 2002.Hunan TV started the ball rolling in the Mandarin speaking world through its SUPER programme in 2004. The poisonous tongues of Taiwan in 2006, the alumnus of the Singapore Superstar programme started in 2005 had been building on their contest experience and participated in various competitions and further trainings in the Superstars school.

Star Search programmes had initiated a whole generation of youngsters with the “Sing if you want to” attitude. Youngsters chasing the stardom had been packaged into having the courage to realize their dreams. A decade of Star searching had produced a pack of newbies wanting to usurp the thrones of Heavenly Kings and Queens in the industry.

The main concerns of the star search newbies are mainly how to activate enough votes, how to increase their popularity and achieve stardom overnight.

Once, during an overseas star search, a very good-looking female participant came.

“Why did you participate?”

“My friends said I sing very well and I can be a star.”

“How do you think you sing personally?”

“I think I do quite ok. I like to sing very well and hope that you will give me a chance to groom me. ”

“Have you go through any professional singing training?”

“No, I don’t have money.” She was dressed in high-end products, maybe she had a sponsor. Obviously, the sponsor doesn’t think it is necessary to lay a strong foundation.

“Taken any dancing lessons?”

“No, I don’t have the time. School work had been busy. ”

“Have you joined any singing or dancing competitions or performances in school?”

“No, I am an introvert. But if you give me a chance, I will work hard. ”

I do not understand such this logic.

Imagine how can someone who had never learnt to write, spelling, sentence structure and comprehension, have the abilities to author a touching piece of work that moved masses? Only because he has dreams, plans, drive and a willing boss who is willing to give chances.

If our values are twisted, we will always lose to others at the starting point, watching other Asians such as the Koreans moving forward in leaps and bounds, producing excellent results while we are running on the spot, complaining and reasoning that with the large Chinese population, we have a larger market than the Americans, who cares about the Koreans!

That day, I knew a Chinese artiste who grew up in the North America.

“Reminicising about my younger days, I fall in love with performing. That’s why I spent a lot of time learning singing, dancing and acting. Practicing and practicing before slowly realizing that I had the ability to influence audiences. That’s how I became an artiste.

“However, many Asian youths dreamt of becoming a star. Yet, when it comes to putting in the efforts, they do not seem to be as keen. What they are concerned with is: are there guarantees of signing on with a big company? How much money is the company willing to invest on them?

“If they become popular by chance, they will only put in some last minute efforts to learn something for presentation in variety shows.

Next time, any potential participants who do not want to “waste” their time, please ask themselves,

“Excuse me, do u really wanna be a star?”

Translated by passingsights.

Thoughts: Yes, I really wanna be a… scriptwriter, a Chinese Drama scriptwriter. I still persist in this. For this dream, I returned to school, read books on various topics, repeatedly watched shows of high ratings to analyze their productions methodologies and angles, thinking about incidents taking place daily to work them into scenes and episodes.

In a sunset industry, hiring opportunities are limited. But I won’t give up. I really do not want to give up. Therefore, my option is to persist on. I always visit websites for job opportunities, sometimes a few times each day. Very silly but up till now, I cannot leave it.

Some media people told me that he had spent his whole life trying to get out of the media industry. The reasons being media industry is not as glamorous. In the landscape of the rising new media, television is being seen as the inefficient sunset machinery in need of large investments in manpower, resources and finances but limited in investment returns.

I did not want to be a Chinese drama scriptwriter because I thought this industry seemed to be glamorous. I wanted to be a Chinese Drama scriptwriter because I missed the exciting feeling to being totally into the latest work that one is currently working on, the adrenaline of researching on a new idea that is deemed to be viable. This is very mesmerizing. For this, I am willing to work hard and persist on, finding chances. I believe that with hard work and determination, Iwill succeed one day.



英国的Pop Idol在2001年掀开序幕,美国的American Idol2002年首播很酷,湖南卫视2004年在华人世界“超级”胜出,台湾2006年毒舌够毒,新加坡经过了2005年“绝对superstar”洗 礼后的各种super秀,今年终于升级到“明星学院”,把选手关起来培训照顾。






















Excuse me, do u really wanna be a star?

收藏感言:Yes, I really wanna be a… scriptwriter, a Chinese Drama scriptwriter. 是的,我的梦想是要当编剧。我仍然坚持着。为了这梦想,我重返校园、读各式各样不同领域的书籍、重复看了不同地区高收视率的连续剧好研究它们的幕后工程、日常生活中也无时无刻想着如何把生活中的小趣事改编成为戏剧情节、如痴如醉。




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