Cab-driver ~ 计程车司机

How many times have you complained about cab-drivers recently? What is your pet peeve about cab drivers? Have you met any cab drivers who cared recently?

I was in a cab today. A simple cab without the fanciful premier service that boasts of supposedly great customer service and of course, higher charges.

However, the cab is clean. And, there is even copies of the latest i-weekly and 8-days in the back of the front seat, meant for passengers to read during the journey.

I can’t help but to ask the cab driver if he read the magazines himself.

No, he doesn’t. But to him, the magazines are a mere total of $4, a small sum that he is willing to pay to provide good service. That is on top of the tissues that he provide at the back.

Of course all these perks are prone to abuse. But people who could afford to take cabs but choose to pilfer items from the cab drivers they order around.

Leaving behind a cab driver who could only say, “There are all kinds of people in this world.”





没有,他不读。反正总数只不过4元而已,就买给人家读吧!服务嘛。 而且车后面还有纸巾。



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