Convenience ~ 方便

A classmate retaking the exam for a module she took last semester asked a question that had me scratching my head in confusion. She asked the teacher, “Ma’am, why did you all decide to change the textbooks for the students of this semester? Changing the textbooks cause trouble for students like us who are retaking the exam!”

Hahaha, I don’t know when did the new job description was released. But I didn’t know that ensuring the textbooks remains unchanged for the convenience of the students retaking the examinations are part of the job scope of the lecturers!

Having said that, I would like to mention that that particular student had choose not to turn up for the examination the last time round as she was “very busy with a lot of work to clear”.

Well, if one had given up the chance to take an examination written specially as part of the syllabus catered to them, then give up the notion that the textbooks and examination written for a half-revamped syllabus has to cater to you too! Under such circumstances, you should be doing your best to fit into the circumstances and not expecting the circumstances to remain unchanged for you.


呵呵呵,不知道什麼 時候,確保教材不更改,以讓重考生方便變成了講師們的工作事項之一!



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