Stupid ~ 笨蛋

Once upon a time, someone, L, was planning a business trip overseas in a few days’ time. As L was making preparations, I reminded him that he had to get some batteries for his camera to take photographs for the company’s archiving. Being a family-owned business, the family house was just next door. L immediately went, “Ok, I run next door to ask my mom to go get it!”

The next day, I had to check with L if he had actually gotten his batteries for the camera since it is my job to baby-sit him.

Without batting an eyelid, this big baby went,”Oh, tell me about it! I told my mom to go buy some batteries. My stupid mom didn’t even bother to check which kind of batteries my camera needs and bought the wrong kind. She is going to buy them later. Remind me again later this afternoon to check if she has finally managed to get it done!”

Now, the stupid mom in question is almost ignorant about technological gadgets and didn’t know how to check what kind of funny batteries the camera needs. Hence, I was totally pissed off by this big baby who had not just ordered his mom to do something he could have done so easily for himself but also shown such insolence and disrespect for his mom.

Stupid mom? Yeah, stupid indeed. She is stupid to have nurtured you protectively in her womb, suffering the uncomfortable effects of pregnancy. She is stupid to have nurse and took care of you when all you could do is to screech and howl for your milk. She is stupid to have tolerated your nonsense from back then till now, when one should have known better for a (then)twenty-plus year old.

When you are successful, it is because you are so talented, so brilliant, so fantastic, so capable.

When something failed, it is because “my stupid mom” didn’t perform up to task.

No wonder they said some traits run in the family, yeah?









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