10.10.10 ~ 10.10.10

Yesterday was 10.10.10, the auspicious triple “10”. Many people said that this is a real rare chance. Hence almost everyone with the intention to get married rushed to get married on this super special day. “It’s a memorable day! We will remember our anniversary easily!”

In a marriage, which is more important? International superstar Jackie Chan once said in an interview with Lu Yu that he does not celebrate Father’s Day or any other special day. Because he is good to them every day. Of course if that is actually the case, then it would be perfect! That we do not need a special day to be nice to the significant ones in our lives.

However, by then, if everyday is just as nice, then what’s a special day?

But if two person cherishes each other, living together happily, they would definitely take special notice of each other’s needs. By then, why would we need a special day to remember by? Perhaps, he might have seen something that you need or knew that you would love to have, why wait for a special day to buy it for you? Actually, this is romance, and not be nice to each other and celebrating the special day only.

When the feelings of both parties had faded and they do not care for each other any more, even if the anniversary is on a special once-in-a-lifetime special date, they would work hard to avoid or forget about it. By then, when the environment kept giving reminders since it is such a special day, wouldn’t everyone be so awkward?


在一段婚姻中,什么是最重要的?国际巨星成龙曾经在《鲁豫有约会》节目中曾经说过这么一段话“我是没有父亲节,我什么都没有的,因为我每天都对他们那么好。” 如果真是这样,那是最好的情况了。不需要什么特别的日子,每天都一样好。




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