Bus ~ 巴士

The shuttle bus was hot. Way hotter than the weather outside.

“Darn! The air-con is down! It’s so hot and stuffy!” someone standing behind me complains.

“Never mind, it’s just a short trip.” another said.

And through the whole 5 minutes trip, complaints of bus being hot and stuff came from that someone.

Thankfully I reached my destination before my tolerance for the broken human gramophone gave way and a comedy is staged.

As I alight from the bus, I saw the bus-driver taking advantage of the few seconds break he had before starting to drive the bus again to fan himself. I couldn’t help but to signal to him about the temperature of his bus and send a thumb-up encouragement to him.

There are many times where we only remembered our own discomfort, complaining about the situation, how bad the service is or how bad is the performance of that service staff.

However, just how many times does one see that while one is uncomfortable or the service level lapses, as they will sometimes, there are also efforts put in?

I think there are many times we do need to carry a mirror with us.









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