Branding ~ 品牌塑造

I passed by an amusing scene recently.

Watching the passing scenery from the bus, I saw this old-school shophouse seafood restaurant setting the mood for Mid-Autumn Festival by decorating their restaurant with lanterns.

On a second look, I almost burst out laughing. For a business, they had actually choose to decorate their restaurant with lanterns that was given out free by one of the Integrated Resorts.

My guess is someone from the restaurant (or perhaps the entire staff strength of the restaurant) had gone to the Integrated Resort to collect a whole bunch of free lanterns. Since the lanterns were free and available, since Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, let’s just decorate the restaurant with the lanterns!

A lantern is a lantern, who would notice that it’s a free gift anyway?!


When every other person in the street is carrying the same lantern, then everyone would know that your decorations are free gifts from another commercial organization.

With that, you are not merely doing free advertisements for other commercial organization. You are also belittling your own business. Unless you are a PR or advertising agency, otherwise, who would do advertisements for other business organizations? Moreover, the PR or advertising agencies are doing it for a FEE and you are doing it for FREE?

It is prudent to save and waste not. However, these are things that you could not and should not save on.










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