Kaya – the YL experimental version

500ml coconut cream (I use Kara)
10 eggs
150grams fine sugar (Most of the recipes i read actually ask for about 400grams to 600grams of sugar for the same amount of coconut cream and eggs.)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence/vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric powder (as a natural food dye. I used way too much and it went to a disgusting yellow… resembling ahem ahem ahem…)
2 teaspoon of pandan paste (no choice… it was either ahem ahem ahem coloured kaya or a more acceptable green colour)

1) Crack and lightly beat those 10 freaking eggs (sorry, but i have never used so much eggs in ONE cooking session before)
2) Pour in the sugar, vanilla essence, turmeric powder and mix it up more thoroughly to melt the sugar.
3) Prepare the water in a large pot for a water bath on the stove(turned to the lowest).
4) Sieve the mixture into a metal pot(Very important! Must SIEVE!) and start cooking over the water bath, constantly stirring. When the temperature gets too hot, I sometimes switch off the stove to let the water in the bigger pot “cook” the mixture instead.
5) At this point of time, i realized my Kaya colour is off, so i put in the pandan essence.
6) Cooking time is about 3 hours or so of constant stirring.
7) Allow to cool.
8) Pour into a food processor (use a hand blender if you have one) to blend it into a smoother texture.

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