Wedding Emcee ~ 婚禮司儀

Recently, a few of us was discussing funny happenings by wedding emcees. One had this to contribute:

A wedding where the groom was waiting for the bride to enter. Standing beside the bridegroom, the wedding emcee want to say, “Dear guests! Our bridegroom had been waiting for his bride to appear!”

Instead, what came out was, “Dear guests! Our bridegroom had no choice but to wait for his bride to appear!” (Chinese proverb used. Meaning to that effective.)

Nervousness and stage fright seriously mangled up speech abilities.


站在新郎隔壁的婚禮司儀正在等待新娘入場,在宣布新娘入場的時候,原本想說:“各位來賓,新郎現在已經迫不及待地等待新娘入場!”,到了嘴邊卻變成了:“各位來賓,新郎現在已經迫不得已地等待新娘入場!” O.o”


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