First one ~ 第一个

First day of the year.

My first post of the year.

I know I had been lagging in my posts for a long time as I had found another creative outlet. However, the thought of shutting down my blog just never occurred to me. I know I can save probably about 100 bucks a year if I had shut it down.

But I can’t.

It’s just too much of a part of me. Just like those dusty diaries that I had found in a corner of my shelves. Yes, they are taking up precious space. Yes, I don’t read them anymore. And if I do, I would probably die from laughter over my juvenile antsy writings, striking to rid the world of unfairness.

It would be unfair to say that I had not thought of writing for the past year. There are many instances where I was sitting on the bus when a thought just came to me and I really wanted to blog it down as a record of my life but since the computer is not around, I didn’t do it.

In the end, when I finally get to my desktop at home, sorry, the thought is just gone. The best part is: when I am somewhere inaccessible to computer, that particular little thought would make it a habit to pop right up, sticking out its little tongue and teasing me about not being able to blog about it.

Well, honestly, I could feel my language abilities getting from bad to worse.

I never believed in New Year Resolutions. But I think I would need one now: to write more frequently so that my language abilities would not drop further from worse to worst.










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